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Māori elders: Kaumātua are held in high esteem and have many important roles, including preserving traditions and knowledge, providing leadership, and nurturing the younger generations. Fox Valley Rugby Kaumātua represent the back bone for the Fox Valley Rugby organization. Choosing one of the below levels of support will ensure the Fox Valley Rugby tradition continues to grow and flourish in the community for years to come.

Level 1:
Tangata Whenua

"people of the land, native
men & women"
$ 20 Monthly
  • check A Kaumatua t-shirt
  • check Welcome at any Social Events
  • check Website Recognition

Level 2:

"high ranking, noble,
$ 35 Monthly
  • check All of Level 1
  • check Plus premium team item every season
  • check Pub Crawl & Dash in the Dark 5K Ticket

Level 3:

"chief of
medium rank"
$ 50 Monthly
  • check All of Level 1 & 2
  • check Plus official jersey matching any new match jerseys acquired
  • check Prominent recognition on website

Level 4:

"paramount chief,
chief of chiefs"
$ 100 Monthly
  • check All of Level 1-3
  • check Plus any seasonal items ordered by team
  • check Plus two admissions for annual Winter Banquet
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